Common Emergencies Filipinos Face

For many Filipinos, emergencies can be due to one or a couple of the following reasons:

An emergency loan is a type of unsecured loan wherein there’s no need for applicants to declare any of his/her property as a collateral. However, it’s up to the lender to approve the application based on specific criteria such as credit history and capacity to pay.

  • Natural disasters – The Philippine Archipelago is noted for its susceptibility to typhoons and floods, which puts the people into constant cycle of evacuating and rebuilding homes.
  • Hospitalisation – Medical and hospitalisation bills also top the Filipinos’ list of unexpected bills. For one, seasonal illnesses (e.g., dengue, flu) and injuries (e.g., wounds due to mishandling fireworks) can eat up the family’s budget faster than we can say “payday.” Hospital admissions due to vehicular accidents are also common.
  • Monthly Bills – Unexpected expenses can oftentimes override the family’s usual to-pay list, including the water and electric bill. Budget for school fees may also suffer.
Where to Get Help

Private and government lending agencies alike sympathizes with the bitter plight of many Filipinos and recognizes the necessity to provide quick funding solutions. There are now many loan providers offering money at a low interest rate and flexible payment options.

  • Government Agencies – SSS and GSIS now offer emergency loans, especially to those victims of flood, typhoons and other natural disasters. GSIS, specifically, allocated a total of PHP1.18 billion for its member’s emergency loans.
  • Private Lenders – Private lending companies also offer quick cash for the same purpose of rehabilitating an individual’s home or property. Financial assistance may also be obtained from the company you’re currently working for.

Borrower must submit the following requirement to qualify for a loan:

  • valid IDs (Voter’s ID, Postal ID, Company ID)
  • proof of billing
  • proof of income (e.g., payslips, income statement)
  • number of remittances or contributions for those applying for SSS or GSIS loans
    credit history
Experts Assistance from

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