With ample funding, doctors will be able to furnish their clinics with all the necessary supplies. We, at Loan Solutions PH, make it our goal to help them find the most suitable loan provider. We have a huge network of lending partners who can lend them the amount they need to buy rescue & emergency supplies, surgical equipment and test kits.

Depending on the contract, the interest rate and loanable amount usually depends on the specialty or profession of the practitioner. In the Philippines, the rates are usually as follows:

  1. Dentist – 2.5%
  2. Optometrist – 2.5%
  3. General Practitioner – 2%
  4. Veterinarian – 2.5%
  5. Ophthalmologist – 2%

Doctors may have other reasons for their loan application. But those planning to use loan proceeds solely to buy medical equipment usually enjoys the lowest rate at 1.8%. The key to get this rate is to partner with an agent who can help you establish your credibility as a borrower.


As a borrower, it’s a must to provide as many relevant documents as possible to establish your capacity to pay. For fast approval, borrowers should submit these requirements:

  • Copy of PRC and TIN ID
  • At least 3 latest bank statements (preferably, 3 months prior to the application)
  • Proof of Filipino citizenship
  • Contact Details (e.g., e-mail, office and home phone numbers, clinic address, home address)
  • For those with clinic – a ledger detailing 1 month of clients and 3 bank statements (latest)
  • Mayor’s Permit
  • DTI Permit
  • ITR or Latest payslip if employed

Additional documentations (e.g., foreigners looking to practice their trade in the country) may also be needed, depending on the terms and conditions provided by the lender.

GETTING EXPERT HELP understands that getting your requirements together is a time-consuming process, requiring you to file for a leave and re-schedule appointments with patients. To save time, you can leave the application processing to us once you have all your documents ready. We’ll look into your files, credit status and discuss with you the possible options you have. We’ll then match you up with the right provider, including banks and private lenders, who can provide you with the funding you need.

Enjoy our 3-Step Application Process – We’re a no-nonsense firm and we put customer service first. We’ve designed a 3-step online application system to ensure our clients will have access to top-quality loan servicing in just a few clicks of the mouse.

Benefit from our Expert Consultancy – It’s our goal to change the Philippines’ traditional lending industry for the better by providing borrowers with as much options and information they need to land a low-interest loan rate. Lenders will compete with each other to win they borrower they want. You can also check out our financial tips page to learn more about loans.