Saving up for the purchase of new equipment or the expansion of your clinic may take a long time. The wiser decision would be to get a dentist loan to buy the supplies you need. This allows you to own and use the equipment first, the earnings of which will be used to pay for its cost.

Interest Rate – In the Philippines, dentists can find lenders who’re willing to lend up to 200K for an interest rate that plays around 2.5%.

Flexible Payment Options – Loansolutions PH can help you find a lender offering the most flexible payment method. Your money may be delivered to you via a bank check or straight to your ATM account so that you can purchase dental supplies and equipment online.

Requirements – Loan applicants need to pass the requirements, which include a photocopy of PRC ID, citizenship certificate, DTI, Mayor’s Permit, TIN ID, proof of billing, 3 latest bank statements and proof of billing.

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People with dental coverage in their HMO will have something to thank for. For those who don’t, getting a dental treatment financial aid is a viable option. You can use the loan proceeds for cosmetic or restorative dentistry services like braces, dentures, retainers, fluoride treatment, dental implants and root canal operation. With adequate money, you’ll be able to undergo preventive check-ups such as for gingivitis, and periodontal disease.

Interest Rate – As this can also be classified under emergency loan, the interest rate for dental treatment aid usually plays around 1.5 – 2%.

Requirements – Although lenders have the discretion to ask for additional documents for approval, they’ll usually ask for a proof of billing, at least 2 valid IDs, credit status and your latest payslip.

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Whether you’re an individual planning to undergo dental treatment soon or a dentist looking for financial aid to buy equipment, Loansolutions PH has all the solution you need. Just follow our 3-step online loan application process and we’ll do the rest of the heavy-lifting for you. We will profile you up in terms of credit status, loan needed, income and location. Then, we’ll find the best lender to address your needs. You can take advantage of our huge network of lender partners from all over the country and get your low-interest money ASAP.