Product Review of DBP Personal Loan

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DBP or Development Bank of the Philippines is a state-owned development bank. Like the Land Bank, it services various sectors such as farmers, but is not limited to that. It targets national development, financing various businesses to help the economy grow. It offers programs not limited to loans. DBP helps SMEs or small and medium enterprises; it builds infrastructure and logistics, provides social services and takes on environment initiatives. For consumers, it offers credit salary loan amounting to Php 15,000 to Php 500,000. However, this is exclusive to government employees only. Although requirements are minimal and process is easy, not everyone is eligible to get the loan.

What If You Are Not Eligible For DBP Personal Loan?

Surely, DBP could help cooperatives, LGUs, associations, NGOs and SMEs. But what if you do not belong to any of these? Well, the answer is simple. Explore your options. Look for other loan offers for there are still so many of them. With this, Loansolutions can be with you every step of the way. We area loan matching site that helps Filipinos and lenders meet.

Loansolutions understands that getting a loan in the Philippines can be frustrating. What is needed is the link that will connect a loan product with the right borrower and vice versa. That is what we do. We partner with numerous banks and finance institutions. As borrowers submit their application, our job is to match them using their profile and the qualifications of lenders.Once a suitable match comes out, the loan applicant gets notified. Our system has an advanced algorithm to make sure accurate matching is done.

Eligibility and Requirements

Filipino employees, business owners, professionals in private practice and overseas Filipino workers can apply for a loan Aside from personal loan, business, home and car loans are also available. Citizens 21 to 70 years old and with stable source of income can try to apply. Please note that every lender follows specific qualifications and requirements. Generally, you need to prepare COE or certificate of employment if you are employed, ITR or income tax return, 2 valid government IDs and latest proof of billing.

We Make Borrowing Better

Apply for a loan from dedicated loan adviser will then assist you as soon as you get a match. Your Loan Advisor will guide you for a faster and hassle-free loan processing. Loan application from us is free, and you can do it at the comfort of your own desk.

More importantly, you can have the power to choose which loan offer you think is most attractive and suitable for your needs, in case you get multiple matches. In the event that no match is found, we won’t keep you hanging, for we will still inform you right away, and tell you some of your options. Trust that we are here to help you meet your financial needs.