Product Review of DBP Car Loan

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If you are looking specifically for DBP Car Loan, please visit their website at or contact them at (632) 818-9511. Thank you.

With the worsening public transportation in the country, you cannot blame Filipinos for wanting to have their own vehicle and avoid the hassle of commuting. This is why car loans are still a popular financial product that consumers look for and lenders offer. Banks in the country compete over interest rates, which benefit borrowers. Currently, there is no DBP car loan or any other car loan offered by state-owned banks such as Landbank. PNB does have their auto loan, as well as other major banks in the country. Why not explore your options and shop around for the top choices and apply for a car loan that suits your needs.


Auto loans certainly allow Filipinos to purchase a car and pay it conveniently. We know how expensive it is to buy a car, especially brand new models. Many banks offer car loans for both used and brand new car models but they do differ in interest rates. For you to have an idea of how much you will be paying for monthly amortization, you can use a loan calculator that can be easily found online. Among the top banks with low interest rates are Security Bank, Metrobank, BPI, Unionbank and PNB. However, they only differ slightly in terms of interest rates. Please note that if you are thinking of buying used car, the interest rates may be higher compared to brand new cars. The maximum loan term could also be shorter for older car models.

For more information contact the DBP Branch nearest you or call (632) 818-9511. You can also visit their website at


Applying for a car loan these days is easier because most banks offer online application. All the information you need might also be available on their websites. offers you a better deal. You can simply submit your car loan application to us and we will pre-screen your profile. We do this to accurately match you with our partner lender. Once a match is found, this means you can pursue applying because you meet their eligibility requirements such as income, etc. This way, you save time from submitting application forms to different banks.

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