Product Review of Citibank Personal Loan

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Filipinos often borrow from their family and friends when they need cash. However, it’s not all the time that these people have the money as they may also be facing financial difficulties. Plus, even if they do have extra money, the money they have may not be enough to cover for the amount the borrowers need. With the growing number of lending companies and the fast application process, people have another option to get the money they need. A personal loan is one of the types of loan that is usually being applied for. It’s used for various reasons including medical emergency, debt consolidation, home down payment and more. Some lenders require collaterals, while others don’t but the interest rate is usually higher and the amount limit is lower. A collateral is the property or asset used to secure the loan. It will be ceased in case of a default payment.

Citibank is one of the banks in the Philippines that offer personal loans. Its maximum loan amount is Php2,000,000 that can be paid up to 5 years in fixed monthly instalments. It doesn’t require any collateral or guarantor to apply. This is open for Filipino citizens, 21 to 65 years old, with credit card and minimum annual income of Php250,000. The application can be processed within 5 days.

Loansolutions PH has partnered with various lenders and banks to help borrowers get a personal loan that has a lower rate and flexible terms. Our lenders offer 1% to 5% interest rate, which is within the market standard. Like Citibank, the maximum account that you can borrow is PhP2,000,000, but it still depends on the lenders how much they are willing to lend you depending on your ability to pay. The income requirement is lower than that of Citibank. You may qualify if your monthly income is at least PhP15,000, which is equivalent to a minimum of Php180,000 per year.

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