Product Review of Citibank Car Loan

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Initially known as City Bank of New York, Citibank draws its competitive financial products and services from its long years of experience in the commercial banking industry. Taking into account the needs of its target market, the bank offers a one-time personal loan solution, the proceeds of which may be used for various needs purposes needing large payments.

Citibank car loan, for instance, can be had by signing up to the bank’s one-time Personal Loan package. It boasts of the following perks and features:

Tenure flexibility – Loan term ranges from 1 to 5 years.

Competitive rates – Interest rate starts 2.4% per month. This can decrease or increase depending on the loan maturity and amount the borrower prefers to loan.

Fast processing and approval – Citibank values its clients’ time, which is why it follows a 24-hour turnaround rate for approvals.

High loanable amount – Qualified applicants can borrow up to PHP 2 Million, which may be used for the purchase of a brand new or second-hand car. Borrowers can also choose to borrow the minimum loanable amount, which depends on the applicant’s capacity to pay, for the car’s down payment.

Are you qualified to get a Citibank Loan?

Citibank Loan is available to individuals who are:

– 21 to 65 years old

– Filipino citizens by birth or foreigners with a permanent billing address in the Philippines

– Earning at least PHP 250,000 per month

– Credit card holders, be it from Citibank or other banks


If you’re eligible to get a loan, present the following requirements upon application:

- Application, duly completed and signed

- Photocopies of 2 Valid IDs, such as GSIS e-card, SSS ID, passport, TIN ID

- BIR Form 2316, ITR or payslips for the last 3 consecutive months for employed applicants

- Photocopy of SEC or DTI Business Registration for self-employed business owners

- Photocopy of any credit card that’s active for the last 6 months for Citi accounts or 1 year from other banks

For more information contact any Citibank Branch nearest you or call (632) 995-9999. You can also visit their website at

How to ensure approval? What if you’re disapproved?

Like any other banks, Citibank makes its loan products available to those who are really capable of paying the credit regularly until the loan matures. So to ensure reviewers will see your good standing as borrower, it’s best to present as many papers as possible showing your income streams and credit history.

However, you shouldn’t worry too much if Citibank declines your loan application. There are actually many car loan providers out there who’re willing to provide you that much-needed financing for your dream car. It’s really just a matter of time, research and expert help.

Where to look for expert support?

We at are committed to helping the Filipino people explore their car loan options. Those interested may fill up our online application form. Our loan consultants will review their credentials, find suitable lenders and compare rates before informing the applicant his or her options. In the end, it will be you who need to weigh your options based on your current financial need and select the best one that will 100% give you the right financial help you deserve.