Product Review of Citibank Business Loan

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If you are looking specifically for Citibank Business Loan, please visit their website at or contact them at 234 9999. Thank you.

Citibank is an international bank that runs branches in the Philippines. For business owners wanting to boost their trade, the bank offers Citi Ready Credit. This is a standby line of credit that can be used to grab business opportunities, prepare for emergencies or finance other needs. Filipino residents or foreigners with Philippine address aged 25 to 65 can apply for this loan, for as long as they earn a minimum of Php360,000 and they have a credit card.


Citi Ready Credit is not directly a Citibank business loan. Rather, it is a credit line that lets users access cash through installment loan or cash advance. Customers who want to get an installment loan can simply call their hotline or visit any of their branches. Up to 96% of approved credit line can be used with a maximum of 4 loans at a time. Citi Ready Credit does not require collaterals and standby line of credit is up to Php2 Million with no annual fee.


This financial product does not require a collateral, and the requirements are not that hard to provide. However, the possibility remains that you might not be approved considering that the minimum annual income should be Php360,000. If the unfortunate happens and you are not approved of the Citi ready Credit, it’s not yet the end of the rope for you. You still have other options to explore. Many banks and financing companies offer business loans to support small to medium business owners. With that, you can find the service of very helpful.

For more information contact the Citibank Branch nearest you or call 234 9999. You can also visit their website at

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