Chinabank Corporation first catered to the needs of Chinese-Filipino businessmen. Today, it operates as a full service bank with a wide range of services and financing products. In 2008, it opened its thrift bank subsidiary, the CBS or China Bank Savings, which is more focused on the retail side. It offers services that Chinabank does not, including personal loans.


TheChinabank personal loan in Manila is offered by CBS. It is called Easi-Funds Personal Loan, a non-collateral loan for salaried or self-employed individuals in need of quick cash. The loan has an add-on rate on top of the fixed monthly payment. Terms are 12 to 48 months, while availment is through Manager’s Check to be deposited to bank account. The thrift bank offers minimal documentation, so it would be easier for the loan to be approved.


The loan is open for employed or self-employed Filipino citizens aged 21 to 55 who are depositors of Chinabank Corporation, China Bank Savings and Planters Development Bank. He or she should also be a principal holder of a credit card and the place of business or work and residence must have a landline. The minimum income requirement is Php30,000 a month or Php360,000 a year.


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