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Since its establishment in 1920, China Bank stands true to its core aim to be the entrepreneur’s reliable banking partner. It has been the leading source of financing for many business owners in the past up to this day. And through the strategic innovation of its leaders, it has produced a wide selection of China Bank Business Loan options, which are offered in two main types:

  1. Short-term Working Capital Loan– A collection of loan offers meant to support a company’s regular operations and leverage existing capital or collateral.
    1. Loan Line – funding solution for general financial needs
    2. Omnibus Line – option to avail different trade facility loan types
    3. Receivable Purchase Loan – for clients who like to sell their receivables ensuring liquidity of funds
    4. Domestic Letters of Credit Trust Receipts – for borrowers who like to sell goods that are charged to them
    5. Discounting of Post Dated Checks – for borrowers who want to convert post-dated checks into hard currency
    6. Import Letters of Credit – for borrowers who want to use bank letters as collateral in buying raw materials locally or abroad
    7. Export Bills Purchased – financing source for borrowers who want to sell or assign to the bank their bills to get funds for an upcoming export shipment
    8. Export Advances and Loans – for entrepreneurs involved in export enterprises looking for pre-export financing such as for purchase of raw materials and overhead costs
  2. Long-term Working Capital Loan– China Bank’s loan package is suited for entrepreneurs looking for growth and expansion opportunities. This will help business owners maximize their company’s true potential.
    1. Project Based Financing – a facility for LPB/DBP/SSS subsidized programs, giving borrowers a lock-in term and interest rate
    2. Long-term Loan – grants borrowers money to be used for expansion, construction of plants or opening of new branches

China Bank prefers to accept real estate properties as collateral, although it also accepts shares of stocks, equipment or club shares. The bank also offers three payment options, i.e., over the counter, auto-debit arrangement and post-dated checks.

To qualify for a loan, you must be at least 21 years old but not over 70 years old when the loan matures. You should also be a Filipino citizen, either by birth or by legalization. The loan is open to all individuals with a regular income stream, either as an employee or a self-employed business owner, with an income that passes the bank’s income requirement.

For more information contact the China Bank Branch nearest you or call (632) 88-55-888. You can also visit their website at


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