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China Bank’s AutoPlus loan makes it easy for borrowers to own a car. The product offers flexibility and convenience with very low rates and friendly down payments. They also offer 100% assurance that their dealings are transparent and borrowers won’t suffer any hidden charges.

Through China Bank’s subsidiary, China Bank Insurance Brokers Inc., borrowers can also avail of low insurance premiums. Not to mention their exclusive tie ups to auto dealers so you can choose your dream car and pay for it all within China Bank’s friendly terms.

For more information contact the Chinabank Branch nearest you or call (632) 88-55-888. You can also visit their website at


There are now more affordable car options, like China Bank car loan, those offered by other banks, as well as lenders who are willing to finance their purchase.

While it’s true that there are many lenders offering their service, the problem is choosing the best one that meet your requirements. Comparing lenders is necessary to determine which is the best one for you. However, with the number of lenders around, this could be difficult and time consuming. understands this situation and we would like to make loan application and processing easier and more convenient for Filipinos. This is why we started this site.

We have partnered with trusted lenders and banks that could provide you auto loans with the most flexible terms and lowest rates. The interest rate they offer is usually around 1% to 5%. We make everything simple for you. Fill out our online form and we’ll find the top lenders that meet your needs. Review their terms and decide which lender to choose. The lenders are shortlisted so it would be easier for you to do the comparison.


There are specific requirements that you need to meet in order to qualify for our online application. You must be at least 21-years old, a Filipino citizen or a foreigner with ACR (Alien Certification for Residency), and at least PhP 15,000 monthly salary or PhP 50,000 if self-employed.

You must be currently employed with your present company for at least a year and working for the past three years. Lenders may have their specific requirements, which they will discuss with you.

We do not charge for the processing of your loan as we gain commission when a loan gets approved. This means you really don’t have anything to lose, as there’s also no commitment for the application. Processing only takes a few days and you’ll be notified when your loan gets approved. If it’s not approved, we’ll also let you know. The reason for disapproval may or may not be revealed depending on the lender. However, we’ll help you find another lender that would approve your loan if that happens.

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