Car loans can truly help you purchase a car you need for your work or business. However, not all loans are created equal. You need to choose a loan with reasonable interest rates and primarily, if you can truly afford monthly amortization considering your income and expenses. You also need to have cash to pay for the down payment, which varies from one lender to another. Some borrowers opt to pay higher down payment to reduce the cost of the monthly repayment, which is a logical thing to do, because the principal loan is subject to interest.


A Car loan in Davao does not differ much with car loans you will find in the rest of the country. Perhaps the main differences are the financing companies present in Davao, which are not found in any other city in the Philippines. When it comes to auto financing products, car loans offered by banks remain to be popular, for they offer lower interest rates, down payment and favorable terms. However, financing companies also have good deals for potential car buyers looking for ways to finance their vehicle. Typically, used cars have higher interest rates than brand new cars, and the offered loan terms are shorter. Banks vary slightly in interest rates; they also follow different rules, criteria or qualifications though there are also similarities. The best thing to think of first and foremost is to choose the right vehicle.


The advent of the Internet has made it easier and more convenient to apply for a car loan wherever you are in the country. Most banks and financing companies now offer online application. Even requirements can be uploaded. Did you know that there is an even smarter way than this? Apply for acar way, there is no need for you to submit different application forms to different lenders. We can be the one to “pre-screen” you and check your profile to see if you meet our partner lenders’ qualifications. Once we see that you meet their qualification, we will consider that us a “match”. We will present those matches to you via email for you to choose the car loan offer you think is most attractive.

Loansolutions PHis a link that connects borrowers with lenders. We work with a wide array of banks and financing companies, so you do not have to worry about having limited choices. With us, you get access to as many car loan offers. You may even learn about a loan offer you used to be unaware of. we will match you with the right lender using advanced algorithm in our system.