If you live in the area and you are specifically searching for a car loan in Cagayan, you could take full use of the Internet for most banks and financing companies now facilitate online loan application. Do your research by simply visiting the websites of different lenders to learn about their loan offers, the requirements or to check whether you qualify for their loan. If you are not very meticulous, you can purchase a second hand car that is cheaper than brand new. In availing the vehicle, bank financing is still a better option than in house financing if you want an inexpensive option.


Lenders differ in their set of criteria to make a person eligible for a car loan. Typically, you must be between 21 to 70 years old and has a stable source of income whether employment or business. The basic requirements include valid identification cards, such as those issued by the government, BIR documents and proof or profitability for business owners and latest pay slips and certificate of employment for employed applicants. Expect the lender to ask other documents. For your loan to be approved faster, establish a good cash flow report to prove your capacity to pay the loan. You can also opt for a loan that requires a co-borrower for this establishes your trustworthiness. You can also show a good credit record.


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