Getting a car loan in Bacolod is not as easy as getting other car loans in other parts of the country. There are only a few viable options to choose from. Most of them are from the major banks and small financial firms. These have different terms and interest rates and you would need to consider each one. Aside from that, you would also need a lot of leg work to get things done so you can find which option works best for you.


There are already quite a huge number of car loan options in the country, You can choose from the large banks to the small financing companies. As mentioned earlier, these would most likely be different from each other, especially in terms of the payment schemes, interest rates, and other technical conditions.

In applying for a car loan, you would usually be required to choose which car you would prefer first, then proceed with the application process. During that, you would be asked to submit documents such as IDs, ITR and the fully accomplished form.


Applying for a car loan is more hassle free nowadays. Most of the car loan companies offer very flexible ways for you to apply. In most cases, you can apply online through their website. You would just be required to scan and submit all of the pertinent papers and then sign the electronic consent.

Apart from the easier process of application, you also have more opportunity to check out the offers of other loaning companies. Here at, we make things much easier for you as you don’t need to check each companies one by one. Our pre-screening process does a really good job in providing you with the basic things for you to start the application. You would just need to see which lenders would match your profile after the pre-screening and then select among the given choices.


There are only a two steps that you need to remember after the pre-screening process for you to successfully apply for a car loan through Loansolutions PH. First is to prepare all the documents for the pre-screening ahead of time. These documents would include the basic papers like the form. ITR, Annual Income Report and IDs. Second is to wait for the result of the pre-screening to find out which lenders match your profile. After that, you may employ the help of the finance officer that they would designate to your case.