If you only dream of growing your business, business loans can offer solution and turn this fantasy into reality. Owning a business offers numerous benefits, but you have to hurdle many obstacles as well before you say that you have reached the ladder of success. One of the challenges is getting funds. Well, there are institutions willing to help you, including banks, both private and government, cooperatives and financing companies. Whether you are about to start to open up your business or you have already established one already and just looking for more financial support,business loan in NCR could help you.

Best Banks for Business Loans

We all know that we could rely on major Philippine banks if we want to buy a new car or home. We could also count on most of them for business loans. Whether you own a small or big firm, the best banks to approach for business loans include BDO, BPI, Landbank, Plantersbank and PSBank.

BDO offers small business loans, wherein entrepreneurs can borrow 1 to 10 million pesos. Borrowers can loan up to 70% of the appraised value of their collateral. BDO has many branches in the Metro, and if you are outside NCR, the bank has branches in most provinces as well. BPI offers more deals, including franchising loans. Such loan is unique to the bank. Landbank specializes in loan programs for the agricultural sector, but it has an array of loans as well for other industries. Plantersbank has earned the recognition of being a bank for SMEs. While PSBank offers credit line for business owners.

Get your Loan the Easy Way

If you would like to get a business loan from major Philippine banks and legit financing companies in NCR, one of the best ways is to apply throughLoansolutions.ph. We work with an array of financing institutions to offer as many loan products as we can. All you have to do is submit your loan application and wait until you get matched with a lender. You will be matched if we find that your profile meets the eligibility criteria of our partner institution.

Loansolutions PH is not the one that directly provides loans, but applying loans through our website offers convenient and fast processing. With us, you don’t have to go from one bank to another and see if you can get a loan. Even submitting requirements is so easy, because you can simply upload them. We are here to help you get that business loan you need to grow your firm. Businesses might involve risks, but these are worth taking for in the end, you can reap the rewards. Know that Loansolutions is here to help you with major business decisions like sourcing funds.