Cagayan de Oro is greatly known for its many tourist destinations. This has become one of the province’s main sources of revenue. Entrepenuers take this opportunity for them to create more businesses that will cater to the needs of the visitors of the province. Most of the newly put up businesses started off by applying for a business loan in Cagayan and today, they are among the successful line up of business in the region.


There have been several loan providers in the country. Most of them are well established banks, others are finance companies. Getting a business loan is not that complicated provided that you are able to meet the requirements given by your chosen loan provider. The biggest challenge lies in choosing which loan company to go with. There are so many things to consider before you finally arrive with your final decision. The interest rates and the payment schemes are among every business owner’s biggest concern.


You no longer need to scan through each brochure that loan providers give because here,we would give you a selection of lenders that are a perfect match to your profile. Their products and services are carefully compared to that of your credit history, revenue and assets. That way, you don’t need to worry that the terms won’t be able to meet your current financial standing.


Here atLoansolutions PH,we will ask you to submit a list of requirements for the pre-screening phase. During this phase, we assess your profile and pair it with the team of lenders that we work with. The requirements include a copy of valid IDs, ITRs, and Annual Income Report. It also includes a duly accomplished form that will help us categorize your application.

After we screen your application, we will provide a set of lenders that are able to provide the business solution that fits your needs and your current finances. For applicants who don’t have match-ups, we provide alternative options so they can still pursue their business loans.

You will need to select among the lenders that we will give you. We will provide you with their terms and condition and we will also assign a finance officer who will help you process your application. He will also bring you up to speed for the latest updates on your application with your chosen lender.