Young, Fashionable, but Not Broke: Staying Stylish on a Budget

The internet today offers plenty of information on how to dress nice. For young Millennials, it became their practice to stay up-to-date in fashion trends to enhance their existing role and blatantly express themselves. Due to continuous growth of the e-commerce industry, online shopping became the easiest way for Millennials to purchase clothes. In fact, retailers for clothing and accessories are among the list of Top Categories for online spend according to a study.

Because of this habit of keeping up with the trend, youngsters experience financial difficulties due to overspending on clothes. But who says you can’t achieve the high-fashion look you want while sticking on your budget? Learn the art of smart spending while keeping that stylish look.

Here are some of the tips to score high fashion at low cost:

Mix and Match

You will probably think that you have worn all the clothes inside your wardrobe. It might be true, but think again. Have you worn different pieces that turned out to give you an exciting new look? I bet not. Mixing and matching your clothes allows you to express your style in an emphatic fashion. All you need is a bit of creativity, fashion researching skills, and voila! You’re good to go.

To mix and match your clothes, start off by the basics. Group all the color variations: pastels shall go with pastels, earth tones with earth tones. Cluster all clothes with prints and separate it with whites. In this way, you can easily choose what clothes can complement each other.

Hint: Always try a different top with the same bottom since the top half of our body is more noticeable than the bottom part. This will give you a different look every time.

Leave the Credit Card at Home

Avoid the horror of seeing your shopping bill. Leave your credit card at home. You can save yourself from splurging when you only have enough cash with you when you go shopping. It’s important to always remember that credit card is a form of borrowing money, and having a credit card doesn’t mean you can purchase everything you see in your favorite fashion boutique.

Research suggests that the payment method also affect impulse purchases in a shopping trip. Because of the opportunities credit cards provide, people tend to take advantage of the spoil-your-pleasure-now-pay-the-debts-later scheme. Without proper financial awareness, you might end up getting hate mails from debt collectors.

Thrift Store Shopping

Do you know that you can get designer products at very low price? Yes, you can have designer dress from quality brands with a huge discount from different thrift shops today. Plus, you will have an opportunity to develop new sense of style, since you can find different style of clothes that you don’t usually buy.

Most thrift stores also have vintage leather bags, designer jeans, and good quality jackets that you can find with a bit of patience. Also, not all thrift stores sell second hand products. Some of them are selling over produced items from big companies and items that are produced with small to medium flaw, which are quite unnoticeable. Visit the nearest thrift store you know and grab those fashionable clothes for your OOTDs!

Spice up your outfit with accessories

No outfit is complete without accessories. These little gems can add flavor to your casual ensembles no matter what your day holds.  Accessories like scarf, unique necklace, or a fashionable watch can freshen up an old look in no time. It can even turn that shirt you usually wear into a new outfit.

In choosing an accessory for your outfit, be careful not to over-accessorize your look. It must look simple, yet stunning on you. Just like on how you choose your necklace for that cheap yet classy black dress. With an all-black ensemble, the perfect necklace is the one with a sparkly statement. This will instantly transform your look with a perfect finishing touch.

For youngsters with a tight budget, it is good to have more accessories that look expensive to elevate your entire look, instead of regularly buying new clothes that will pretty much break your finances.

Sell what you don’t wear.

Some of us may have clothes that we have never wear since someone gave it, or you bought online, which is unfortunately do not fit your size. Instead of piling it up on your wardrobe, why don’t you make money out of it? There are several websites today, which will allow you to sell your clothes directly to consumers through a fast and secure transaction. Another option is selling through your social media accounts wherein you can easily market your clothes to one of your friends, or even to a family relative of yours.

If you’re totally lazy about getting rid of your clothes, think of this as a good reason to do it: People will pay you for your old clothes. Isn’t interesting? You’ll finally say good bye to your jammed closet with additional money on your pocket (to buy new clothes!).

These are only few ways on how you can cut-off your expenses while maintaining your style and signature look. Remember that you don’t have to spend ton to look great. Just be creative and have a sharp eye on good quality clothes and you’ll surely achieve that striking fashionable look.

Written by Chelline Flores

Chelline is a Web Content Writer from Manila, Philippines. She writes SEO and marketing content for different business industries, online publications, and digital youth magazine.

When not working, she enjoys watching suspense-thriller movies and reading poetry books. Follow her on twitter and Check out her blog here.

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