Simple Hacks to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle on a Budget

It is a common myth that living healthy is a luxury, as many healthful options in the market are priced at a premium while less healthier commodities are priced way less. However, there are a lot of ways to work around sticking to a healthy lifestyle despite being constrained by a tight budget. As the saying goes, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Here are a couple of tips to help you get that body you want without breaking the bank.

1. Plan your meals.

Having a framework will help you gauge how many calories you are consuming per day and will encourage you to reduce as much as you can. Keeping a food journal has proved to improve eating habits. When you plan your own meals, you are free to tweak your meal plan to your own preferences. It also prevents unnecessary snacking / overindulging.

2. Cook at home.

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated. At the comfort of your own home, you can whip up a dish in as fast as twenty minutes. Learning how to cook is as well a skill that will be useful for your whole life. Make use of your Google skills and bookmark recipes and handouts that are healthful and flavorful at the same time. Reduce dining out and work those pots and pans at home instead – it will save you money and you will know and be in charge firsthand of what goes into your food.

3. Buy in bulk, cook in bulk.

When you buy in bulk, you will be spending less than if you buy smaller portions. However, don’t buy more than what could go bad. Check expiration labels, and research shelf lives of the ingredients that you plan to keep in stock. Make sure to buy versatile items, ingredients that you could mix and match to keep your meals varied. Invest in a good freezer and store raw produce in bulk. Further, you could also prep your meals in bulk and store them in separate containers that are ready for one-time consumption. Not only is this method cost-efficient, but it is time-efficient as well.

4. Grocery wisely.

Be better at picking which produce to buy, compare and contrast. There are more affordable brands for every item, and for meat, there are cheaper cuts/options. Be more mindful of what you ingest and check those nutrition facts. Make a grocery list beforehand and stick to it at the grocery store, this will lessen the chances of impulsive buys and will be good both for your health and for your wallet. Grab and go. Lastly, don’t shop when you’re hungry – just, don’t do it.

5. Join a fitness community.

Getting social doesn’t have to be limited to coffee meetings and/or parties. You could also look for workouts that you can do with your buddies. It is scientifically proven that hanging out with your friends is good for you, why not do something that could also benefit you both? Activities like spinning, pilates, and martial arts are only a few options in the many social workouts that you could choose from. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to options that you have to pay for. Home workouts are just as doable, there is an array of videos on the internet that you could choose from – from high intensity interval training to dancing to yoga. Invite your friends over and you could make it your new tradition.

It’s high time to break the idea that healthy living is a luxury. It’s not. However, it’s not a walk in the park either. When you surround yourself with people who live the lifestyle that you aim to have, there is a higher chance that you will in turn be living the same lifestyle too. Find your team. Dare to challenge yourself, take that Extra Rise, choose healthy, and achieve that #FitnessGoal you’ve been aiming for.

Written by Dani Urmaza

Dani is a girl of many passions. She is primarily an entrepreneur with ventures in varying industries. She is as well an advocate for personal development and she believes that physical well-being is a huge factor behind a well-lived life. Extra Rise MNL is where she helps people improve their lifestyle.

Connect with her on Instagram @danielleinau.

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