Reinvent Gift-Giving This Christmas Season!

What kind of gift is worth your penny?

Gift-giving has become a Christmas tradition.

And yes, it’s the time of the year again where your spend more than the actual.

But you don’t need to spend more – all at once!

Here’s a new way to shop for gifts that’s worth your penny

“Dashin through” a list of people – where you basically group them. Who’s on your list?

In a one time-bigtime slay – figure out your overall “gift-away amount”. Listen to your wallet!

O’er the “gift goals” you go. Gift goals = X amount of gift-away amount you can provide per person on your list.

Laughing all the way. Pat on your back that you’re able to make it on step 4! Don’t think too hard.

Bells on “value” ring. Buying gifts is beyond price. It’s based on perceived value. Again, listen to your wallet. What category does your gift goals fall?

  • Basic: Php0 to Php150
  • Mid: Php150 up to Php350
  • Special: Php350 up to Php500
  • Classy: Php500 up to Php1000
  • Extravagant: Php2000 & up

Making “diskarte” right. Once you figured out the “value ring,” let diskarte rules.

  • Basic: Throw a group party at your house. Or think of the most forgettable low-price item that everyone needs.
  • Mid: Check Instagram and pre-order in bulk for personalize bags, wallets, sandals, notepads, etc.
  • Special: Buy GCs or e-GCs. You can never go wrong on discount vouchers
  • Classy: Try out group activities like spa services, or 4D movie. Yup, time spent with your “dashin’ people list” is gold.
  • Extravagant: chip in for your next travel adventure or next investment for the year 2018! can make it happen for you.

What fun it is to laugh and sing a “slayin-feels” for your Christmas shopping tonight!

Written by Jaz Castillo

I'm Jazel Castillo, proud thinker of life & love, passionate about "start-up" business, and anything else in between. Check out my bio here.

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