LoansolutionsPH CEO JP Bisson Talks about the Startup’s Goals with Bloomberg TV PH

In an interview with Bloomberg TV Philippines, Loansolutions PH’s CEO and Co-founder JP Bisson talks about the core goals and concepts of his startup. Through their online application portal and MoneyGuru blog, he and his team mainly aim to empower Filipinos in making wise financial decisions. In the process, they’re going to change the Philippine lending industry for the better.

Manila, Philippines (March 17, 2016) –  LoansolutionsPH CEO and Co-founder JP Bisson talks about the core goals and concepts of revolutionizing loan acquisition in the Philippine lending industry through on Bloomberg TV Philippines.

LoansolutionsPH is a loan application portal that matches lending providers and borrowers.The startup aims to provide borrowers a convenient way to apply for loans, give access to more lenders and offer practical financial tips.

While in the past applicants need to put on their best suit and go to banks to apply, he assures Filipinos that their online application system would make the process a lot easier, faster and more convenient. The site is completely pro-borrower, regardless of how much you plan to borrow and what it is for. Lenders will be the ones to compete against each other to get the borrower type they want. Bisson says this will ensure the “fear of rejection” will totally be out of the equation.

Using the service is completely free for borrowers, without any hidden charges and upfront fees. When asked about where the company gets its revenue, Bisson says LoansolutionsPH earns only when the borrower gets a loan. Their income would come from the chosen bank as a referral fee.

Currently, the success rate of their applications is at 15% of the total number of those who applied online. Bisson says the number will continue to increase as they would add more lending partners in their database. LoansolutionsPH team also expects that the success rate would boom when more and more Filipinos will discover the benefit of using their startup as an application portal. They’re also doing their best to streamline their system to allow them to profile the borrowers more efficiently and speed up the entire process.

About LoansolutionsPH

LoansolutionsPh is a free online platform specifically designed to help loan borrowers connect with lenders nationwide. It’s a no hassle online application that offers loan matching services and financial consultancy through a network of loan concierge. Growthsolutions Inc, owner of, received seed funding from a group of international and local investors such as Kickstart Ventures, KK Fund and more. The company specializes in lead generation through online search and social marketing optimization and software development.

Written by Jefanie Genilla

Jef is a storyteller, educator and digital marketing enthusiast and she travels for self-discovery, fun and community service. She writes for Loansolutions as part of her financial literacy advocacy. Jef strongly believes that it’s not necessary to be rich to travel. One just needs to manage time and money the right way and make informed financial decisions.

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