Infographic: Philippine President Duterte’s First 50 Days

Get to know the Republic of the Philippines’ 16th President and his new administration

President Rodrigo Duterte will be described differently by different people. If there’s one common truth about the new President’s term, it is this: all eyes are on him.

August 2016 – Contradicting views have become more apparent since Pres. Duterte launched a state-wide war on drugs. The President currently enjoys a 91% trust rating and the support of the Filipino public further bolstered by a steep drop in crime rate, while the Catholic Church, civil society, media, and the United Nations have voiced their concerns regarding his shoot-to-kill policy and the number of extrajudicial killings linked to drugs. Even during his campaign, or even years before as the Mayor of Davao City, he has gained both supporters and critics with his tough policies against criminals.

In the following infographic, we gathered data and numbers in an attempt to better know the President and his administration:



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