Infographic: Finance Your 2017 Goals with a Personal Loan

At the beginning of year 2017 everybody is about goals – #relationshipgoals #bodygoals #travelgoals etc. However planning and actually doing have an enormous gap especially when the one thing preventing you from achieving is money. So how do you arrive at the ‘doing part’?

Simple – manage your finances.

  • Plan your expenses and stick religiously to the budget you set
  • Set aside a percentage of your income to realizing each goals
  • Carry just enough money for necessities so you don’t overspend
  • Earn extra income from side projects (freelance work, investments etc.)

For emergency reasons or a major purchase, use a credit card or personal loan so you can distribute your payments all throughout the loan term making it easier for you to include loan repayments in your monthly budget.

To help you along, here’s an informative infographic from our friends at on different 2017 goals a personal loan will be good for.

finance 2017 goals with personal loan
Finance 2017 goals with personal loan


Written by Maricor Bunal

Mari writes for Loansolutions to help educate people in making informed-decisions on taking out loans and becoming responsible borrowers. Being the COO, she feels it is her social responsibility to do so. Learn more from her as she shares tips, advises and stories on finance. Also, she's fond of 9GAG, so you might read some random stuff over here.

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