Why Cryptocurrencies Will Rise Again

Way back at the turn of the 20th century, Marie Curie and her husband Pierre spent hours working in an old shed in the back of a playground in a school, trying to extract radium from pitchblende. This was a thankless task – and although they had what could be described as a laboratory, they didn’t have any financial support.

Eventually, after many years of toil and little to no success, they discovered radium and proved the existence of radioactivity. This discovery was perhaps the most important discovery of the 20th century; without it, many more lives would have been lost to cancer. And, without it, there would have been fewer dead in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Radioactivity changed everything, but it wasn’t just an important scientific discovery – it was also lucrative. Even though Pierre had been working for the University of the Sorbonne, no-one offered the Curie’s any funding – which I’m sure they lived to regret.

In the fifteen years following discovery, radium was used for everything, from face creams, to miracle health cures, to speeding up the industrial process. Investors quickly lived to regret they hadn’t backed Pierre and Marie.

Now, you’re probably thinking: how does this relate to cryptocurrency?

That’s because blockchain is the 21st century’s radium.

It’s a world-shaking technology. And when you’re banking on cryptocurrency, you’re not just banking on the success of a monetary unit – you’re banking on the technology that will define the next century.

A World-Shaking Technology

Cryptocurrencies are more than just a speculative financial asset – the blockchain ledger behind them is the technology of the future. In fact, the majority of cryptos are best conceived as more of a technological asset than a financial one. Investing in a crypto gives you the rights to use that particular bit of software and technology that comes with the currency.

If one considers it just as a financial asset, you’re more than likely to get your fingers burnt. But if you consider it as a technology for the future, you’ll be backing the right horse.

Consider Ripple. Ripple is a cryptocurrency that aims to make international payments between banks occur simultaneous. At the minute, the ledger technology banks use doesn’t allow this to be the case. However, thanks to developments in Blockchain, the Ripple ledger, and its currency XRP, allows this to be the case – for the first time ever.

Over the past 4 months, the value of Ripple has skyrocketed 400%. This is just because the technology of Ripple’s blockchain ledger is an invaluable asset for banks in the 21st century – and people are just beginning to realise this.

Blockchain technology will overcome problems with traditional transactions and ledgers to streamline everything – from banking, to medical records, to how devices of the Internet of Things work with each other. Investing in crypto is a wise choice now more than ever.

An Investment in the Future

Markets crash, and speculative financial investment has caused the decline in Bitcoin’s price over the last few months. But on the whole, investing in cryptocurrency now means you’re banking on a technological advancement that isn’t going anywhere.

The first blockchain ledger, Bitcoin, was introduced only ten years ago in 2008; we are only now watching cryptos gain mainstream respect. In short, it is still the early days of blockchain – and early adopters have the most to gain.

Unlike a centralised method of recording information – like a centralised bank ledger – Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies distribute their records across the blockchain; meaning there is no central point hackers can target. Blockchain technology allows machines to communicate between each other more effectively, with greater simultaneity, and more securely.

If you’re looking to invest in a crypto, now may just be the best time to have a look on cryptohead.io. Worldwide financial markets are seeing a decline in stock value across the board, including the value of cryptocurrencies.

Investing now means investing in the technology of the future while prices are taking a brief dip – but prepare for them to rise and rise as people realise this revolutionary, disruptive technology isn’t going anywhere.

Written by Maricor Bunal

Mari writes for Loansolutions to help educate people in making informed-decisions on taking out loans and becoming responsible borrowers. Being the COO, she feels it is her social responsibility to do so. Learn more from her as she shares tips, advises and stories on finance. Also, she's fond of 9GAG, so you might read some random stuff over here.

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