Is Building a Portable Home a Good Investment?

Over the last few years tiny mobile homes has been a growing housing trend that has investment potential that has not been captured. Building portable homes for sale is the newest real estate trend. The idea of owning a tiny home is centered on downsizing and being in a position to afford your own home. Demountable homes for sale offer a unique and inexpensive investment opportunity. Here are some reasons why you should consider building portable homes as part of your investment.

1. Lower cost per unit

Building large family properties has a higher cost per unit compared to a building a demountable home. With the same amount of cash you could have used to build large home you can build many tiny homes. The smaller the investment amount required to build a tiny home the fewer the permits you will need and the quicker the build times.

2. High demand

The demand for tiny homes is ever increasing especially among the millennials. Many people are considering purchasing de-mountable homes for sale because they do not want to be tied to one location and with a de-mountable home they can always move whenever they want. Another major reason pushing the demand for small homes is the fact that property prices are climbing but income is not. Hence there is high demand for affordable housing.

3. Decreased maintenance costs

Whether you are selling small homes or normal sized homes it is inevitable that you will incur some maintenance costs. Probably a leaking faucet, a loose board or a number of other problems. Maintenance costs are not only lower for the family living in the home because dusting and vacuuming will only take a fraction of their time, but it is also lower for you who wants to invest. If you have a leaking roof, repairing it for a tiny home for sale is much cheaper than the larger counterpart.

4. Smaller footprint

If you love the environment, building tiny homes for sale can help you save it. The smaller the size of the house the fewer the materials that are required to build it and the less the energy those living in it will require to power it. Since space is limited, the purchasers will have fewer belongings meaning there will be less waste. In addition to the above mentioned, the inhabitants of smaller homes often live off the grid and use solar power and invest in rain water harvesting system. Therefore, constructing smaller homes helps the environment.

5. Mobility

The fact that you are constructing demountable homes is an advantage in itself. You can construct the homes where the materials and labor is cheap and readily available. After the home is complete, you can sell it and move it to the owner’s desired location. By doing so you will save on the total cost of construction. The lower the costs are the higher your profit margin. To make them even more competitive you can lower the selling price so as to attract more buyers.

There are tiny homes popping up everywhere. There are even reality TV shows praising the space saving miniature houses. As the tiny home movement grows, it is a chance for you to invest and make money. As an investor, you need to understand your local market to make the most out of this opportunity.

Written by Delan Cooper

Delan is planning to start his business in Australia. He is new to saving and investing, he has been learning a lot by reading the personal finance and business blog.

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