How to Budget When You Have Many Social Gatherings to Attend

The season of social gatherings and overspending is here! Most people hop from one event to another; from batch reunion to Christmas party, from quick catch-up to High School overnight, from a client’s bar hopping invitation to long-lost family homecoming. Definitely a time to release the Social Butterfly in you!

But social events involve cash spending— oftentimes for ticket price, entrance fee, cost of drink, restaurant meal–name it, you have it! Undeniably, holidays make us spend most than the rest of the year. Specially if you’re a young adult and has a colorful and active lifestyle with many circle of friends. How are you going to survive the Holiday Rush?! Certainly, there are ways to budget when you have many social gatherings to attend to.

This is definitely a season to release the Social Butterfly in you!

Set an allocation

This might be a painful process— to check your financial portfolio and to set a budget plan for everything. Before determining what outings and social events to attend to, first you have to assess if you’re capable of attending all events (or at least some of them).

You need to have a strong handle on setting apart your monthly incomes into categories— as bills, daily needs, and savings, and leisure for what’s left.  

Once and for all, sit down and take a good look on your current income and expenses before committing to that grand reunion.

Determine your “WHATs and WHYs”

Ask yourself these questions: “Should I go to that reunion? What will I gain if I attend, or loss if I’d pass?

Among those lineup of events, what event/s are you looking forward and cannot afford to miss out? What gatherings should you think is redundant? What is your intentions for going there? Could it be to see your High School crush? Or maybe to make up for the loss friendship?

It’s really up to you. Think about it and take it internally.

Organize the reunion, yourself!  

Hosting a reunion is stressful, I know! But if you’re smart enough, it can be an advantage. To make it intimate, have your friends participate! Let them bring potluck dishes, and ask them for affordable place. The key is to delegate tasks. Determine who’s going to be in-charge for food, accommodation, venue design, games, and tiny details more.

Be creative and frugal in exchanging gifts. As an alternative to the costly gift-giving, why not go

for “Pass the Baton”. In that way, it’s personal and impactful. Plan activities that will build stronger peer relationship.

Focus more on the relationship not on the event.

Go for free events and cheaper alternatives

Nothing feels absolutely greater than having an all-expense paid pass in an event. Take advantage of free community events like concert-for-a-cause and free museum tour. Switch things up and go for something purposeful. Pick a cause and volunteer as a group, or pack for a quick picnic. Not only it will likely be cheaper, but it also gives everyone a break from usual empty catch-ups. Also keep an eye for meal promos, accommodation deals, happy hour discounts, and anything that will cut the expenses.

Find event that you and your friends (or co-workers and family) can do all together.

Suggest Coffee Catch-up instead of Dinner

Be wise and don’t spend thousands for a dinner, coffee is way better! Take your dinner at home before going to that catch-up so that when you’re there, you’ll focus more on the conversation rather than the food. Don’t spend Php 1000+ for a dinner just to prove to your friends that you’re living above your means.

Intention before pretention!

See there are ways to enjoy the holidays without tearing your pocket, you just have to be organize and clever! You can still have fun and enjoy life even if you’re on a budget.

Written by Manila Animo

Manila Animo is a Content Writer for advertising and marketing agencies in the Philippines. She’s been writing campaigns and content requirements for various clients for more than 5 years now— from Copywriting to Event handling to Content Marketing. Connect with her on Linkedin.

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