25 Years of Blogs & Blogging: How Blogs Have Changed the World

In 1994, Justin Hall published what would be known as the first blog, and the internet’s take on how information and articles were presented was born. Since then, blogging has gone from being a voice for freelance journalists to an informational media source created by over 30 million bloggers and read by billions of people daily and WordPress, the most popular blogging platform, powers nearly a third of the entire web.

Blogging in 2018 represents a huge portion of the internet and blogging has changed the way companies and brands market their products and do their PR.

Statistics on blogging point out that a customer is far more likely to learn about a product from an article rather than an ad. Additionally, considering that 77% of all internet users read blogs and the average user reads about 10 blogs a day, the blogging realm plays a crucial role in the modern day internet ecosystem.

Blogging is a key for many businesses and brands online, and it can be directly linked to an increase in SEO, brand awareness, social shares, visitors and most importantly, sales and revenue.

With all these benefits, blogging has a place in most, if not all, business and sales funnels.

As blogging approaches the quarter-century mark, it is clear that it has definitely changed the media and news sector, business environment, marketing, PR and, ultimately, the world.

For a more in-depth look at the blogging industry and an ultimate blogging how-to guide, check out this blogging data and information that will get you up to speed with the last 25 years of blogging.

The State of Blogging Industry 2018

Written by Josh Wardini

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