Product Review of BDO Car Loan

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Car loans remain to be a popular loan product availed by Filipinos. Whether you’re eyeing a brand new or used vehicle, it could still be a burden to your finances because cars are expensive. This is why auto financing are offered by banks and finance companies. Loans are designed to help make payment convenient and affordable for those who truly want to own a car. Even if you are approved a loan, you have to prepare cash for down payment. BDO is one of the Philippine bank that offer attractive car loans.

About BDO Loan

BDO car loan has flexible payment terms that suit your lifestyle. The bank offers refinancing and multipurpose vehicle loans as well. The required minimum down payment for brand new car is 20%. For used car, 30% down payment is required. You can choose to pay higher to lower the monthly amortization and make repayment lighter. The bank offers competitive rates and can approve loans as fast as 24 hours. They also offer all-in financing that includes chattel mortgage fees, 3-year LTO registration and first year car insurance. BDO just requires interested auto loan applicants to be 21 years old or above, and have a stable source of income either from employment or business. If getting a family car, gross family income is accepted, but it has to be at least Php 50,000 a month.

For more information contact the BDO Branch nearest you or call (+632) 840-7000. You can also visit their website at

Explore Your Options With Our Help

BDO offers attractive car loans, but it doesn’t hurt to explore your options. There are still so many other banks that offer auto loans and it is worth checking their rates and terms.

You don’t have to submit separate application forms to different banks if you choose to apply through . We can be the one to check whether your profile matches their criteria and push through with the loan application.

Submit your car loan application to us and wait until we match you with a loan provider. We will email you once a match or matches are found. If you are presented with multiple matches, take advantage of this by reviewing the offers and choosing the best one for your need. We will also assign of our Loansolutions PH  representatives to assist you. This way, you are not stuck with only one lender and instead get access to other attractive car loans.

Owning a car is not as difficult as you thought it is. If you think you can afford monthly repayment and you have some cash ready for down payment, why not get a car loan? It could be very useful if you have a growing family or if your work requires you an efficient mode of transportation. Tell us your needs and count on us to be there to help you.