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If you are looking specifically for Bank of Commerce Personal Loan, please visit their website at or contact Bank of Commerce Customer Service at (02) 632-BANK (2265), any of Domestic Toll-Free numbers: (PLDT) 1800-10-982-6000 and (Globe Lines) 1800-8-982-6000 or at custom[email protected]

Bank of Commerce (BoC) opened its first office in Mandaluyong, Philippines in 1963. Since then, it has provided the Filipino people, individuals and business owners alike, with a full range of commercial and personal banking solutions such as trust services, treasury, consumer banking and credit card services to name a few. Today, it has 125 branches nationwide, making it one of the most accessible banks in the country. Among their financial products is Bank of Commerce personal loan for a car, business or home.


Borrowers can get a loan at a minimum of PHP 20,000 to up to 1Million. This is collateral-free and is payable within 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 or 36 months. Money may be accessed directly on the borrower’s BoC account (if he or she is an existing account holder) or via MC. It’s not necessary to have a guarantor or co-maker, unless the borrower doesn’t have sufficient papers yet to prove his or her capacity to pay.

BoC is also known for its fast processing time. Borrowers can get an update on their application within 3 to 5 business days. One drawback about getting a BoC personal loan is that there’s only one payment method, which is via post-dated cheques.

Get a Bank of Commerce personal loan now and take advantage of low interest rate that starts at .88% if you borrow more than 100K or .98% if you borrow less than 100K.


BoC accepts applications from individuals who can meet the bank’s eligibility criteria. Specifically, the applicant must be at least 21 years old upon application and must not be over 65 when the loan matures, have at least one year of residence records, have no criminal case or pending cases and have no negative records in his or her credit history, be it from existing or past creditors.


Do you think you’re eligible to get a loan? If you do, gather up the following requirements as soon as you can to start your application: Certificate of Employment stating that you’re a regular employee with at least 2 years of tenure in the company, 2 years’ worth of Profitability Report for self-employed applicants, 1 years’ worth or report stating your Professional Practice, Payslip or Income Statement proving you’re earning at least the required PHP 13,000 Gross Monthly Income, Credit History, an optional requirement but can greatly speed up the approval procedure, Valid, preferably government-issued IDs such as Driver’s License, PRC ID, Voter’s ID.

For more information contact the Bank of Commerce Branch nearest you or call Customer Service at (02) 632-BANK (2265). You can also visit their website at


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