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Formally formed in February 1912, Bank of China has had its share of ups and downs as a commercial bank. And being in operation for a very long time, it has developed a range of financial products that are suited to various needs, be it in the commercial banking or personal financial level.

Over the years for instance, four Bank of China Personal Loan options are made available.


  • Overdraft Facility – This is offer is available to Current Account holders wherein they can withdraw a portion of their account up to an agreed limit and interest rate.
  • Mortgage Loan – This is the best loan to have if you’re planning to purchase a landed or non-landed private property to be used for residential purposes.
  • MoneyPlus Fund Transfer – This facility is open to all those who’re planning to transfer funds from another bank account to a Bank of China account (e.g., savings, credit line, credit card or current account). Usage of the credit via BOC account will have no interest rate for 3-6 months of the transferred amount.
  • MoneyPlus Line of Credit – If you’re earning above the minimum income range for Credit Card, you’re allowed to get instant cash via four times your monthly salary. Minimum income range differs by region, though, so you might like to check out the rates of the Bank’s branch nearest you.
  • MoneyPlus Term Loan – Available to existing account holders and non-customers, this credit option is given to borrowers, which will be paid regularly within a specific period. Interest rates are low and a range of payment methods are available.


You’re probably qualified to get a loan if you’re:

  • At least 21, but not over 65 years old
  • A regular employee who already has at least 1 year of tenure in our current company
  • A self-employed individual with a profitable business or other stable source of income
  • A good borrower as shown in your credit history

If you meet all the eligibility requirements above, prepare these documents to get a loan now:

  • Photocopy of your latest payslip and/or Certificate of Employment (for employed applicants)
  • Photocopy of your business’s income performance (for self-employed applicants)
  • Valid IDs, preferably government-issued

For more information contact the Bank of China Branch nearest you or call 95566. You can also visit their website at


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