Bank of China business loan products come with competitive terms and rates. They are by no means bad options for Filipino businessmen. However, compared to the loans offered by other lenders in the Philippines, it is rather difficult availing of a business loan with Bank of China considering that it does not have many branches in the country. The loans being offered are also only meant for a specific niche. It would be more practical to consider loans from other financial institutions. Top alternatives would be from major banks like BDO, BPI, Security Bank, Unionbank, Metrobank, and RCBC. You can borrow up to ₱50 million for your business from many local Filipino banks or from international banks with many branches or bigger operations in the country.


Avoid the hassles of the uncertainties in dealing with requirements and qualifications of some lenders. With Loansolutions PH, you can be sure that you will only  be dealing with legitimate lenders with clear details on requirements, qualifications, as well as on the terms and interest rates. Generally, you need to be a minimum 21 years old when applying for a loan but not older than 70 at the date of the loan’s maturity. You must also be a Filipino citizen with regular income from employment or from a business or being self-employed. We conduct a pre-qualification stage to make sure that you are indeed qualified for the loans you intend to apply for. Once a matching lender is found for your desired loan amount and your qualifications, we will provide a loan advisor to assist you in proceeding with the actual loan application process with the lender.


Searching and applying for a business loan with can be done entirely online. You can even do it through your web-enabled smartphone or tablet computer. All you need to do is to visit our website and click on the specific type of loan you need. After choosing the loan you want, you will be taken to a series of web forms. Accurately fill these forms out to get a fair assessment of your qualifications and for you to be matched with the best possible lender. Once a suitable lender is found for your loan application, you will then be contacted by a Loansolutions advisor to help you process your loan application with the lender. All the documents relevant to your application can be submitted online. You just have to scan the documents and upload them to our system. Our loan advisor will then send your application documents to the lender and will provide updates about it. We will contact you once your loan has been approved but you will have to go to the lender’s office or communicate with them to get the money.


Our aim at is to make it significantly easier for everyone to find and avail of legitimate loans. We employ a system that carefully matches borrowers and lenders depending on needs and availability. We seek to make loan applications faster and easier by efficiently connecting supply and demand and ensuring that fraudulent transactions are avoided. Don’t hesitate to use our secure and reliable service whenever you need a business loan or other types of loans.