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If you are looking specifically for Bangkok Bank Car Loan, please visit their website at or contact them at (63) 2752 0333. Thank you.

Founded in 1944, Bangkok Bank is Thailand’s leader in SME and corporate banking, extending its reach to the world with its presence in about 15 economies, including the Philippines. The bank is famous for its Bualuang Home Loans, which is perfect for newly-weds. But if you already have a home and are looking to buy a car instead, you can get one of the bank’s personal loan offers as an alternative to the Bangkok Bank car loan.


Bangkok Bank doesn’t have a specific auto loan offer yet. But with its personal loan options, you can certainly secure funding for the purchase of your dream car, be it a pre-loved or brand-new one. Pensioners Loan is also a good option for those pension plan holders, with its long-term repayment opportunity. If you’re a Bangkok Bank account holder, you can use your Deposit or Savings account as collateral if you decide to get a personal loan. Credit line is up to 100% of the savings amount and is payable to up to 10 years. Interest rate is matched to your current account’s rate, plus an add-on of 1.75% for Savings Account and 2% for Fixed Account.

For more information contact the Bangkok Bank Branch nearest you or call (63) 2752 0333. You can also visit their website at

Be a wise borrower! Contact our loan consultants here at Loansolutions PH to help you decide which provider offers the best products. We have created a 3-Step Application Process that will allow us to pitch your borrower credentials to our partner providers. This hassle-free process is available to all those who are:

  • Within the ages 21 to 70 years old
  • A resident and citizen of the Philippines
  • A regular employee earning at least PHP 10K per month or a self-employed individual operating a profitable company for at least 3 years

If you think you’re qualified, just prepare the following documents for processing:

  • Proof of Residence such as a photocopy of your Residence Certificate or your latest utility bill bearing your permanent Billing Address
  • Proof of Income, which can either be a payslip for employed applicants or cash flow report for business owners
  • Photocopy of Valid IDs, preferably government-issued such as Voter’s ID, Passport, SSS ID, GSIS ID, Driver’s License or PRC License

Almost all financial experts would advise people to explore their options when they’re about to sign up to any financial product, be it personal loan or auto loan. With this in mind, it might help to refer to consultants and industry-proven resources such as to get tips and ensure a favorable deal. We will make sure to help you compare the perks and prices of the products on the market today. Our loan gurus can also facilitate your use of different loan calculators and other related tools to know how much you’re going to pay on a monthly basis for your loan.