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If you are looking specifically for Bangkok Bank Business Loan, please visit their website at or contact them at (63) 2752 0333. Thank you.

Bangkok Bank business loan products in Manila are available as term loans, fixed loans, and revolving short-term loans. They are great options for small and mid-sized enterprises. They are intended for infusing more working capital into a business, funding the purchase of new machinery or equipment to improve business operations, funding a business expansion, or in some cases paying maturing obligations to avoid a bad credit record. The loans offered by Bangkok Bank come with competitive terms and rates that would be attractive for many SMEs in the Philippines. However, as mentioned, not everyone can easily avail of these loans especially considering that the bank only has a single branch in the country. Fortunately, there are many alternative business loan options offered by many other local lenders or international banks with more branches in the country.

For more information contact the Bangkok Bank Branch nearest you or call (63) 2752 0333. You can also visit their website at

EFFICIENT BUSINESS LOAN MATCHING serves as an excellent platform for finding and applying for business and other types of loans online. We have established partnerships with many of the top lenders in the country to provide greater and faster access to loans for individuals and businesses. These partner lenders are not only locally owned banks or financial institutions. We can also link you to international lenders with local operations in the Philippines. We make use of an efficient system for matching borrowers and loan providers. Everything is done online. Borrowers only need to fill out forms online and wait for a matching lender to be identified. The matching process is based on the information provided by the borrowers and the loan details available from partner lenders. However, to make sure that the loan borrower-lender matching and subsequent loan application process are properly undertaken, a loan advisor will contact the borrower to verify things and provide useful guidance in proceeding with the actual loan application process with the lender.

EXCELLENT LOAN FACILITATION SERVICE does not by itself provide loan services but facilitates the process of applying for loans with legitimate lenders or financial service providers. We do this not only by serving as some form of a directory of lenders in the country. We go beyond being a source of information. We actually help borrowers in finding and applying for the right loans for them based on their qualifications, financial standing, and the amount they need. We also take into account that everybody always wants to apply for a loan with a lender that offers the best terms and lowest interest rates. Additionally, we provide the service of a loan advisor to make sure that borrowers properly understand the choices they make, the requirements, the processes, and other matters pertaining to the loan application. Through these, we help borrowers find the best possible loans and boost their chances of getting approved.

CONVENIENT PLATFORM FOR LENDERS AND BORROWERS IN THE PHILIPPINES helps borrowers find the best possible lenders that can serve their needs while bringing in more clients for lenders. We help in connecting supply and demand efficiently by making loan applicants apply only for loans with which they have good chances of getting an approval. Similarly, we only introduce to our partner lenders potential clients who are unlikely to become added statistics in their record of bad debts.