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Founded in June 1997, Asialink Finance Corporation started out as a brainchild and partnership of two enterprising executives, Robert B. Jordan and Ruben Y. Lugtu Jr. Today, it has 93 branches all over the Philippines, catering the public’s growing demand for financial products.

As a full-pledged lending company, Asialink offers a wide range of products. In fact, it’s Asialink Personal Loan product comes in two types – collateral and non-collateral loans.


Asialink requires applicants of this credit type to present a guarantee (e.g., vehicle, real property) in exchange for the funds. Applicants need to present ownership documents – such as Certificate of Title or Certificate of Registration – upon filing. Prior to application, one should know exactly the type of credit to get, which can be one of the following: Bus loan, Car or Car Take-out loan, 2nd Hand Vehicle Purchase, Contractor’s Loan, Real Estate and Real Estate Take-out Loan.


This is the best one to get if you don’t like to put up any of your assets as guarantee. However, Asialink needs applicants to apply with a co-borrower. The Bank’s non-collateral loan options are as follows: Modified Business Loan, Cart Franchise Loan, Corporate Loan, Doctor’s Loan, Educational Loan, Pensioner’s Loan, Personal Salary Loan, Medical Professional Loan, Personal Loan – Sea-based and Land-based.


In order to take advantage of Asialink’s services and products, applicants must be:

– A Filipino citizen

– At least 21 years old but not over 59 years old

– Earning a regular monthly income

Do you think you’re qualified for a loan? If you do, gather up these documents as soon as you can to start your loan application:

– Duly filled up application form

– Latest 2×2 pictures (3 pieces)

– Proof of Billing (utility bills bearing the residence of the applicant)

– Photocopies of 2 Valid, preferably government-issued IDs such as Passport, SSS ID, Driver’s License

– Proof of Income (e.g., latest payslip, business income and loss statement)


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