If you want an alternative to BDO auto loan apply for one at Loansolutions and we will give you more options that you can choose from. We are partners with several banks and lending institutions that deal auto loans at varying interest rates and payment schemes that you will find affordable and easy to pay.


Although a BDO auto loan can give you irresistible offers, it is better to explore your options with other banks and lenders for the best and most suitable auto loan for you. Loansolutions has several alternatives to give you depending on your qualifications and paying capacity. Why get stuck with the BDO auto loan interest rate if you can compare it with other, more competitive rates and choose the best one for you? We promise to give you only the best from our partner banks and lenders so you can have your very own car in no time.


Loansolutions has a pre-qualification step before you can proceed with your auto loan. We have basic requirements so we can match your data with the requirements that our partners are looking for. Age is a big factor in getting approved for an auto loan. Minimum age is 21, and not over 60 upon the loan’s maturity. This is to safeguard the lender against inability to fully pay the loan. Being a Filipino citizen is also a requirement, but if you are a foreigner, you should be able to show an Alien Certificate of Registration. If you own a business, it must be in operation for at least two years and profiting at least PhP400,000 each year. Should you meet all these, we will now proceed to step 2 which is matching your profile with our partners whose requirements meet your qualifications. If you get matched with more than one lender, you get to pick which one gives the best offer that you can afford. Then wait for a few days for your approval and you can be on your way to your car dealership.

Owning a car these days is no longer as hard as it used to in the past several years. Lending investors have made auto loans more accessible to the general public. Gone are the days when only the rich can afford to buy a brand new car. Now even middle-income earners can afford to buy one. Enlist the help of Loansolutions so we can give you a plethora of choices.