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If you are looking specifically for ANZ Personal, please visit their website at or contact them at +63 2 841 7777. Thank you.

ANZ is known for its outstanding corporate social responsibility initiatives focusing on raising the public’s environmental, social and economic awareness, especially those that can potentially affect their financial opportunities and risks.


Getting an ANZ Personal Loan is easy and convenient. Application may be made online, at AZN branches or over the phone. The bank, though, only accepts applications if the following requirements are met:

Age LimitAt least 18 years old
Proof of ResidenceCertificate of Residency
Certificate / Proof of Citizenship (for foreign applicants)
Proof of Income– A financial statement that includes your expenses, assets, debts and liabilities
– For employed applicants – Latest payslips, preferably within the last four weeks showing your annual base income and year-to-date salary figure
– For self-employed applicants – Copies of your business’ balance sheet showing two years’ worth of loss and profit statement. A copy of your Personal Tax Return is also needed.
– Statement of other income streams such as dividends and rent
– Salary or income confirmation from your employer
Personal Details– Gender, Reasons for getting a loan
Proof of Identification– A mail bearing your name and residential address dated within the 3 months
– Government-issued IDs (e.g., Firearms license, passport) along with supporting documents (International Driving Permit, Police Photo ID, Debit or Credit Card)

The best thing about ANZ is that it will process your application immediately. And you’ll receive your loan status within one business day. The bank also offers convenient and flexible cash receipt and payment options. Borrowers with existing ANZ account may receive and make payments via their card. Those without existing cards are highly advised to get one for faster processing and ease of payment.

Apart from solutions for employed and self-employed applicants, ANZ also offers personal loan packages to Tertiary and Graduate students, although another set of eligibility and requirements are set for these target customers.

For more information contact the ANZ Branch nearest you or call +63 2 841 7777. You can also visit their website at


The truth is, ANZ personal loan is just one of the countless low-interest loan options you have today, with the rise of private lenders who’re willing to compete with traditional, mainstream loan providers. With a little bit of research and expert help from, you’ll be able to get in touch with a huge network of providers from across the country. Just fill in our 3-Step Online Application form and get started with your loan application. Upon receipt of your entries, we will make your borrower profile and introduce you to our partner lenders and banks. You can also use our Loan Status Checker tool to keep yourself updated with your loan’s approval status.