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Australia and New Zealand Banking Group or ANZ offers business loans with great terms and rates. The bank offers secured and unsecured loans as well as business loans with variable or fixed interest rates. Flexible repayment options are also offered, which can be weekly, twice-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or annually. This loan is ideal for those who want to obtain additional capital for their business.

The minimum loan amount is around ₱330,000 (AU$10,000) with terms of up to 15 years at variable rate and 10 years for the fixed rate option. An ANZ business loan is a great option for businesses in Australia and New Zealand. In the Philippines, there are many banks and financial service companies that offer loans with comparable or even better interest rates and terms. We can help you find these loan options and process your application.


BDO, BPI, Plantersbank, Land Bank, and PSBank are some of the best choices when it comes to bank loans for businesses. They offer different but highly competitive terms, conditions, and interest rates. BDO offers small business loans for entrepreneurs with a loan amount of at least ₱1 million for a minimum term of 1 year, or up to ₱10 million for a maximum term of 10 years. BPI offers a base amount of ₱500,000 for a two-year term. Land Bank has a loan product specially intended for OFWs who want to set up their own businesses. Plantersbank, on the other hand, serves SMEs through their Small Bizloan program that provides short-term loans meant for improving cash flows and their SME BizLoan program that lends up to ₱50 million. PSBank similarly serves SMEs through loans with up to seven-year terms. Of course these are not your only options for business loans in the Philippines. Browse our site further to learn more about where you can borrow more funds for your business.


Loansolutions PH makes it easy to find and apply for good loan options in the Philippines. You just have to visit the site, choose the type of loan you need and follow the prompts you will be shown. You should able to get through the process quickly with a few clicks. You will be asked for personal and work-related information to help evaluate your qualifications. Your Facebook account will be required to verify your identity so if you don’t have one, you should create one. You also need a valid email address. The documents necessary for your application don’t have to be sent physically. You just need to scan them and have them uploaded on the site. Everything is done online for your convenience.

For more information contact the ANZ Branch nearest you or call (02) 841 7777. You can also visit their website at


After determines that you are qualified for a loan with one of our partner lenders, one of our advisers will contact you to discuss your loan application further. Your application and uploaded documents will then be forwarded to the lender that matches your needs. Once the lender decides that you qualify for the loan they offer, they will contact you and the actual loan application process commences. The lender may do their own credit investigation and other assessments. All these steps may sound tedious but they are actually simple and quick to finish. They are necessary to make sure that you have greater chances of having your loan application approved.