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As the country’s only commercial bank following the Islamic banking principles, Al Almanah Investment Bank of the Philippines (AAIIB) caters mostly to our Muslim fellows. AAIIB is subsidized by the Development Bank of the Philippines and it is meant to be a source of funding for Muslim business owners. However, those looking to get an AAIIB car loan, for instance, can opt for one of its four major credit products.


In accordance with Islamic banking guidelines, AAIIB offers these four credit types:

  • Al-Qardhasan – Otherwise known as benevolent loan, this type of credit is granted without an interest in accordance with the stipulations of the Holy Quran. Lenders aren’t supposed to implicitly pre-arrange the payment of the interest earned so it is up to the borrower to repay the excess.
  • Ijarah – Literally means “to give something to rent,” this credit type allows the borrower to rent assets in order to use them for personal or business purposes.
  • Murabahah – This is an exchange transaction wherein the borrower needs to divulge his or her purpose for the money. If it is for business, he or she should lay out the expected profit-margin of his planned venture so that the interest rate may be computed accurately.
  • Al-Bai Bithaman Ajil – Works like a sales contract, this funding type requires the lender and borrower to set specific deadlines for the repayments.

For more information contact the AIIB Branch nearest you or call (02)893-4350. You can also visit their website at


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