Product Review of Al-Almanah Islamic Investment Bank Personal Loan

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As much as we’ve seen the growth of foreigner-owned, BPO companies today, the boom of Muslim-owned enterprises is also noticeable. Businesses owned by Filipino Muslims power up the country’s economy, helping us grow from the inside.

While other banks are eagerly targeting their financial products to BPO employees and owners clientele, the Al-Almanah Islamic Investment Bank of the Philippines (AAIIBP) Personal Loan is launched to meet the much-needed financial needs of Islamic enterprises in the country.

Islamic Financial Services

Established in 1973, the AAIIBP has been offering attractive funding solutions for Muslims. AAIIBP is the only bank authorized to provide Islamic banking services, alongside its other investment and commercial packages.

  • Al-Qard al-Hasan – Also known as the benevolence loan – an interest-free loan given to borrowers who’re really in dire need of money to be paid within a specified period of time. Outstanding balance would be paid in quantity (money) or quality (tangible asset or benefit) should be given to lender if the borrower fails to pay off the loan within the term.
  • Murabahah – A form of trust sale wherein the borrower/seller is to disclose the cost and expected income of his/her planned venture. This is to ensure that a profit-margin agreement will be made accurately between the lender and borrower.
  • Bai Bithaman Ajil – This is a financial technique wherein the borrower is given a benefit (usually cash) that will be used to purchase profitable assets. The borrower will repay the benefit within a specified number of installments or period of time.
  • Ijarah – The lessor or lender is entitled to a portion of the income of a benefit, which may be in the form of money or any profitable asset, given to the borrower.

The Islamic financing principles follow the Islamic code, which makes it a bit different from a lot of other principles following the Western banking system. This also explains why the AAIIBP Personal Loan is the most in-demand quick cash solution for Muslims and may not be perfectly suited for other needs.

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