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If you are looking specifically for ANZ Car Loan, please visit their website at or contact them at (02) 841 7777. Thank you.

The ANZ or Australia and New Zealand Banking Group offers secured car loan, an ideal vehicle loan for those who want to buy a new car or other vehicles. It features repayments that will not change since it is not affected by movements in interest rates and lump sum final payment to lower repayment.It is a secured loan wherein the vehicle itself can serve as security. The bank accepts vehicle loans for motorcycles, caravans, light commercial vehicles and caravans. The loan offered by the bank is one of the most sought loan offers in Australia.In the Philippines, many banks and financing companies offer car loans similar to ANZ car loan, though lump sum repayment is not common.


Major Philippine banks such as BPI, BDO, Metrobank and others offer car loans. They slightly differ in interest rates. Vehicle loans are available for second and brand new cars, but interest rates are typically higher in used car loans. Interest rates range from 4 to 7% per year. Commonly, if you want to avail of a car loan, you can first choose the car and submit the application and requirements until it is approved. Requirements may include proof of income and identification and ITR or Income Tax Return.

For more information contact the ANZ Branch nearest you or call (02) 841 7777. You can also visit their website at


It’s now easier to apply for car loans these days because banks and finance companies facilitate loan application online. Even documents can be submitted by simply uploading. Lenders also compete over low interest rates, putting consumers on the winning end. However, instead of going through the tedious process of submitting applications at different banks, you can opt for an easier way by just choosing to apply for a car loan at website. We will be the one to pre-screen your profile and match it if you meet a lender’s eligibility requirements. If matches are found, you can proceed to the application itself.


To apply for a car loan in Loansolutions PH, submit the application form and wait for our email notification. Once a match or matches are found, we will inform you and show you the available lenders. You will also be assigned a loan officer to assist you all the way until you get your loan. Please note that it would be best if you can upload the documents earlier in order for the processing to take place immediately. In case there will be no matches, we will also tell you your last options. Our company works with a wide range of lenders, so it would not hurt to try to apply for car loan. This way, your dream car could be a reality.